NøGMUN Delegates Discuss Issues on Sustainability and Development

From the 5th to the 7th, the Nørre Gymnasium Model United Nations (NøGMUN) held this year’s conference, which involved the discussion of topics aligned to the theme: Sustainability in Development.

What is MUN?

MUN is a global organization which simulates United Nations. Students, who are dressed formally, act as delegates of the countries they were assigned to represent. The delegates form three committees: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and International Labour Organization (ILO). The students must have researched on the nations’ viewpoints in certain topics. At the end, the students were expected to have insights on global issues, have strengthened their debate skills, and have instilled an atmosphere of respect towards different cultural backgrounds.

The School’s Conference

The 5th of October was the official commencement of NøGMUN where students were enlightened of how NøGMUN works. ¨The money of today is no longer more important than the sustainability of tomorrow. We have reached a stage in the world where we no longer blindly follow the path of development, ¨ Kirstine (3i), president of NøGMUN and Secretary General of the conference said in her opening speech as she explained the over-all theme of the event.

This year, the issues discussed posed the questions, ¨How do we continue to grow as a species while not harming the rest? How do we maintain our living standards without destroying our living place for future generations? ¨ Through the two-day conference, topics such as child marriage, self-altering algorithms, fossil fuels and overpopulation were intellectually debated and strong amendments were suggested to improve resolutions proposed on these topics.

¨I think that Fossil Fuels is the overall most pressing issue because it is like when the Earth disintegrates. It turned into a discussion on whether the nations want to be sustainable or not in the future, ¨ Maria (3i), conference manager said when asked on what resolution had the most impact.

Conference managers, Vivian (3i) and Maria (3i) were greeted for the success of the event. ¨I think that the board is pleasantly surprised. We had a lot of let downs up until this point. There is a lot of expectations that were changed, but as it is right now, it has outdone anything that we could have expected, ¨ Vivian said.

The Staff

Staff members were also greatly appreciated for their hard work to keep the whole conference running and sustain the delegates’ energy by offering food and drinks throughout the conference.

Sophie (3i), the head of Staff admitted that it has been “tiresome.” “I have three blackboards filled in only a few days. I have wonderful staff to help me, and this would not have been possible without them,” she said.

Closing Ceremony

As a tradition, a closing ceremony was held after, where Aryan (2i), Zackary (2i) and Lou (2i) were awarded the best three delegates.

NøGMUN 2018 was effective as it achieved its main objective of creating an educational atmosphere to familiarize its participants with the MUN tradition through introductory proceedings.

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