Roskilde Sygehus Charity Party

On the 21st of September, a volunteer group of students from 2i went to Roskilde sygehus to cheer up some of the cancer patients with a small party. Even though the situation of the patients was sad and hard to see, the creativity and kindness of the 2i students made a successful evening possible.

To begin the evening, a special guest came to talk about the history of the hospital and then delighted everyone with playing the violin, right after the patients had the possibility to have a lovely meal provided by the local restaurants that, moved by the cause, donated some snacks and food.

Entertainment during the event was present. A student sang a couple of songs, then there was a duet of ukeleles, and some of the members of the dance club presented a very entertaining dance.

Talking with one of the staff members of the hospital, we found out that the 2i students from Nørre G were actually the first ones on having an idea like this one. No other school had actually made such an event before.

Despite the medical situation of the guests and the environment the party was made in, there were people joking around and laughing.

The nice humor and the good vibes were present until the end of the event, the organizers of the party and all the volunteers of this good cause were very proud and happy with the way everything flowed, the purpose of giving a good time to people who are going through a hard moment was successfully fulfilled and everyone enjoyed the evening.

The little time that we managed to spend with these people left us a great life lesson, that no matter how hard the situation we are in is, we must always try to find a positive side and enjoy life.

Pictures by Weronika Drozyner

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